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Customer Direct Funding: Case Histories

Cornerstone Bancorp:
$5 million raised in a Direct Public Offering in 30 days

Community bank, Cornerstone Bancorp, raised $5 million in a Direct Public Offering within 30 days from a mailing to customers and associates. The average investment was $18,000.

$7.5 million raised in first public offering

Seattle, Washington’s Costco Company raised $7.5 million in a Washington state exempt offering using Rule 147. Costco used this funding to aggressively expand and ultimately became the first company to ever grow from zero to $3 billion in sales in less than six years.

Real Goods:
$4.6 million raised in two Direct Public Offerings

Real Goods, a Ukiah, Calif. catalog direct marketing company selling alternative energy products, tapped its customers twice, raising $4.6 million through two Direct Public Offerings. In both instances, the offerings were oversubscribed and numerous investors were turned down.

The Red Rose Collection:
Size of Offering Unknown

The Red Rose Collection is a mail order catalog business in Burlingame, CA. that sells clothing, jewelry, and personal growth products. Red Rose targeted its customers through an aggressive marketing campaign, including an advertisement of their stock in each catalog. Red Rose grew revenues from $25,000 to $14 million in a span of eleven years and was named to INC Magazine’s 500 fastest growing privately held companies for three straight years.