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Funding Services

If you’ve talked to banks lately, you know it’s almost impossible to secure an expansion loan without sizable EBITDA and collateral. Angel funding has dried up, and venture capitalists – if they’ll fund you at all – usually demand stringent terms, which often includes losing control over your company.

We offer proven alternatives that bypass these sources and the problems that come with them. We use four primary funding methods to raise amounts from $500,000 to $3 million. Each is used under different circumstances depending on the type and size of the company, its industry, and the amount to be raised.

We specialize, and are highly experienced, in 2 funding vehicles

  1. Direct Public Offerings;
  2. Customer Direct Funding.

What are the key differences between a Direct Public Offering (DPO) and Customer Direct Funding?

  • A DPO requires filing specific disclosure documents to state or federal regulators for review. Once an offering is approved, companies are allowed to advertise their investment opportunity directly to the general public.

    Note: The timeframe for approval and commencing fundraising depends on the type of offering and can range from 45 days to approximately 4 months.

  • Customer Direct Funding also requires a disclosure document (although a much simpler version) and requires no regulatory approval. Once the disclosure document is complete you can raise money directly from your customers.

    Note: The timeframe to fundraising depends exclusively on how quickly you can put together the disclosure document and marketing materials. This can range from as little as two weeks to 45/60 days.

These funding approaches are proven to work in today’s economy – and can be done without the business owner giving up control or submitting to onerous terms.

  • A Direct Public Offering (DPO) is a company-based marketed offering used for raises from $500,000 to $3 million. It works for starts-ups and established companies alike and has allowed me and my clients to bypass Angels, Venture Capitalists and Investment Bankers, and sell stock directly to small individual investors.

    DPOs offer huge advantages over other fundraising approaches.

    • They allow companies to advertise their offering directly to the general public. Companies can use all forms of approved advertising including direct mail, email, web sites, and all Internet, and social media channels.
    • Companies are able to sell to unaccredited investors.
    • Companies have a choice to use this funding vehicle to keep their company private or to take their company public. If they decide to go public, it’s at a fraction of the cost of a typical public offering.
    • Companies control their own destiny. Most other funding methods, including Venture Capitalists, Private Equity Funds, and Broker-Dealers, often come with onerous terms that allow them to take control of the company under certain circumstances.

Click here to learn more about DPOs.

  • Customer Direct Funding is a method for using your customers as a source of funding. This gives your company an enthusiastic pool of potential investors, and it gives your customers an opportunity to participate in your success.

    Customer Direct Funding is one of the most powerful methods of fundraising for small businesses.

    • It is based on the principle that people prefer to invest in companies whose products or services they know and trust.
    • This built-in credibility is unrecognized, unappreciated, and under-utilized by most businesses as a source of funding.
    • Customer Direct Funding provides an established, well-traveled path to successful fundraising — thousands of companies have used customer as investors to grow their businesses.
    • Like DPOs, Customer Direct Funding allows you to take control of your own fundraising destiny — you are no longer dependent on the whims or requirements of banks or other funding institutions.
    • For many companies, including restaurants and other retail stores, Customer Direct Funding may be the only viable method of gaining access to a large amount of expansion capital.

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